Bonsoir, Nous avons reçu notre tapis dès mercredi. Nous sommes très satisfaits de lâ?? aspect et de la qualité du tapis qui sâ?? intègre parfaitement à notre intérieur. Nous vous remercions pour la rapidité de la livraison et pour la qualité de votre service. Cordialement, Mme Pottier
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For three generations “Mengal-Orient” has been a renowned and trusted Belgian business specialized in real hand-knotted Oriental carpets of well-known and eminent origins.

First generation

Second generation

Founded by Léopold and Paule Mengal in 1946, the first generation started the sale of Oriental rugs with the business and an interior design shop. 

In the second generation Jaky Mengal, who had a passion for Oriental carpets, focussed the family business on a single article, real Oriental rugs. With this second generation, the great trips to the centre of the East and from 1973 direct import were initiated. At that time Jaky Mengal and his wife Chantal were among the pioneers of carpet import from the production countries, which was a real adventure anyway, let alone the numerous administrative hassles it entailed. 

With the third generation, from 1994, Daphné Mengal and Didier Claeys enhanced the reputation even further and extended their customers base into the Flemish region. Good knowledge of Dutch and English contributed to national expansion. Flemish by origin, Didier put his heart into it quite naturally.

As one of the web pioneers and by showing the way to go for the business online since September 2000, from then on the customers of “Mengal-Orient” expanded abroad, mainly in France, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and Switzerland. 

Along with classic timeless Oriental rugs in which we continue to specialise, “Mengal-Orient” now offers a new range of innovative contemporary carpets with new handmade weaving techniques. 

The unexpected success of our visibility on the internet resulted in the creation of P.C.L.L. (Private Company with Limited Liability) CLAEYS-MENGAL in February 2014.

The combination of a store and an online web shop makes “Mengal-Orient” a key brand for anyone looking for an Oriental rug where uniqueness and passion  go hand in hand.

Third generation of Mengal oriental carpets

It is with great pleasure we share with you our passion by explaining to you the art of weaving and knotting, and by inviting you to admire our splendid gallery, which is sure to not leave you unmoved. 

Put your trust in real specialists who will give you sound advice on the choice of your genuine “Oriental rug”. 

In addition, so that you are sure that you found the rug of your dreams, you have the possibility to try it out in your own home, free of charge and without any obligation. 

All Oriental rugs are accompanied by an authenticity certificate specifying their origin, the complete knotting by hand as well as the composition of the pile and the specific characteristics of each piece of art. 

The shop with its indoor car park is located right at the main entrance to Namur at 200 m from the railway station. (Route map)

Modern, classic or prestigious, the rug or carpet of your dreams can be found at Mengal Orient, the real oriental carpet.

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