Madame Monsieur Claeys, C'est toujours avec un réel plaisir que je prends contact avec vous. Comme prévu, le colis a bien été livré ce jour et mon petit "trésor" est déjà en place. Je compte faire beaucoup d'envieux pour pouvoir vous envoyer des nouveaux clients ...... Chaleureusement merci, Madame Vanderkelen
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Classic rugs
Classic rugs

Classic Oriental rugs, elegance and attachment to tradition

For a long time now, hand-knotted Oriental rugs owe their reputation to the age-old cultures which they reflect. Because of traditional attachment to the art of knotting and finishing, nowadays hand-knotted Oriental rugs are still the unique expression of the fascinating culture and symbolism of the East. Therefore they constitute a valuable enrichment of your decor. We offer a wide range of certified classic carpets and available in several designs, sizes and colors.

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Modern, classic or prestigious, the rug or carpet of your dreams can be found at Mengal Orient, the real oriental carpet.

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