Merci pour votre courriel m'annonçant l'expédition de mon tapis. Je l'ai bien reçu, en parfait état, ce jeudi vers midi. Il est très beau et nous convient parfaitement. Cordialement, F. Degrève
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Patchwork kilims - Kilim Patchwork
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Kilim Patchwork

  • Categories :Patchwork kilims
  • N° Items:58799-57964
  • Country of origin:Turkey
  • Dimension:304x206cm
  • Manufacturing:Hand-woven
  • Pile:Wool
  • Warp:Cotton
  • Age:New
  • Delivery within:13 Days
Sales at -60%:  1613€   645
United States : Shipping : 495,00€ Under 13 Days
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Kilim Patchwork

Kelim Patchworks are produced from older Anatolian Kelims that are cut into smaller pieces and sewn together in new sizes and patterns. Colours and patterns are harmonious and carefully chosen. A back cover has been attached, in order to ensure that the rug lies heavily and does not fold. Kelim Patchworks are produced from rugs that are between 20 and 50 years old. Kelims are hand woven rugs, made using a special weaving technique that gives the rugs a thinner, felt-like quality.

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