Viens de recevoir mon second tapis (1er acheté au mois d'août)suis très très satisfaite de la qualité de la couleur de l emballage du perfectionniste de votre maison,de votre amabilité au téléphone au mois d'août....je ne manquerai pas de vous faire de la publicité...Cordialement
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Oriental carpets
Oriental carpets

Oriental carpets, unique carpets with exciting designs

How can we fail to succumb to such splendour! Such precision in the "handmade" woven tapestries reminds us perfectly of the intense and laborious work of these artisans, nomadic or village people, expressing their cultural and religious past. All the tapestries reflect the original character and the know-how of their region of origin. This unique diversity of characteristics makes it possible for each one to be conspicuous in colour and design.

We have selected for you, authentic oriental rugs in different formats and colors entirely made and hand-knotted by the best weavers.

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Modern, classic or prestigious, the rug or carpet of your dreams can be found at Mengal Orient, the real oriental carpet.

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