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  • Categories :Chinese carpets
  • N° Items:48416-29326
  • Country of origin:China
  • Dimension:200x140cm
  • Manufacturing:Hand-knotted
  • Pile:Wool
  • Warp:Cotton
  • Knot density:± 86.000/m²
  • Weight:14 kg
  • Thickness:± 16 mm
  • Age:New
  • Delivery within:15 Days

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  • KANGSHI BEI006-9569
  • KANGSHI BEI006-9569
  • KANGSHI BEI006-9569
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The Chinese art of carpet is based on a centuries-old tradition of art and culture. The Chinese carpet is decorative, romantic and combines excellent quality with perfect craftsmanship. It has a silky velvet and is usually cut with scissors, which gives it a relief that is remarkably delicate highlight the subtle nuances of color.


Chinese modern carpets are not distinguished by their place of production but by their quality. It is defined by three criteria that are fineness, thickness and density.
- The fineness is defined by the number of rows of knots on one foot (about 30 cm). Qualities currently available on the market hovering around 90 lines on one foot or 3 knots per centimeter.
- The thickness is defined by 1/8th of an inch and goes to 3/8 at 5/8 inch for thicker.
- Density is defined by the degree of coverage of the issue wool used for the pile. More a carpet is dense, more the warp and weft will be hidden. Quality OB (open back), shows the white cotton yarns of the warp and weft, it will be lesser quality than another defined as CB (closed back), where knots touch and completely hide the white cotton yarns of the backside.

If you can not see the knots at the backside and you see there a plain weave, the carpet is not hand-knotted but "tufted" (the woolen yarn of the velvet is only stitched through a textile backing, then anchored by sticking the underside of the coating).

Note: For several years, the Chinese knot also fabulous oriental carpet with wool and silk. These carpets are decorated with refined patterns and can reach and exceed 300 lines (10,000 knots/dm²), they are also very strong. Following the Western demand, China also produces carpets of this type with artificial silk (mercerized cotton) that is much cheaper.

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