Hello Didier, I just wanted to let you know that the rugs arrived today, and that Mom is really pleased with them. The colour, quality and sizes were all perfect, and I have to say your service was exceptional. So, thank you very much for your help, and if we ever need to buy a rug again, you will be our first choice. Angela Jones
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Bidjar Zandjan

  • Categories :Persian carpets
  • N° Items:78506-78169
  • Country of origin:Iran / Persia
  • Also known as:na
  • Dimension:296x194cm
  • Manufacturing:Hand-knotted
  • Pile:Wool
  • Warp:Cotton
  • Knot density:350-450.000/m²
  • Age:New
  • Comment:na
  • Delivery within:13 Days
United States : Shipping : 495,00€ Under 13 Days
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Bidjar Zandjan

Origin: BIDJAR

Bidjar is a city of about 50.000 people in the north-western province of Kurdistan. It lies in a fertile valley surrounded by arid mountains, and there are no significant monuments. The city  serves primarily as a market centre for the surrounding villages. Its recent history is dramatic, as the city was occupied first by the Russians and then by the Turks, during the First World  War, leading to a famine that significantly reduced the population. These events are mirrored in the city’s rug production. Before the First World War, the rugs were coarsely yet firmly  knotted, with wool warp and weft. Later, they became finer and had cotton bases. The Bidjar patterns are often Herati, but sometimes a Mahi pattern can be seen. The colours are usually  clear reds with a light trimming. The Bidjar rugs are so strongly knotted that you risk breaking the knots if you fold them together with the pile facing inwards. When folding Bidjar  rugs, it is therefore always with the pile facing outwards. You can clearly feel that much more wool is used in a Bidjar rug than in most other rugs. They feel a lot heavier and they are not as  easy to move around when lying on the floor.


The warp and weft are cotton, more rarely in wool for the older rugs.
The woolen pile is a beautiful gloss and excellent quality due to 2000-6000 knots/square decimeter.
The wefts are packed, it needs repeated blows with a tool resembling a huge iron claw, hence the appearance tight and heavy curtains.
The wool is dyed with natural pigments crafted in shades of dark blue or dark red, with contrasting tones.
The decor consists mostly of small Herati motifs on a beige uniform, ivory or dark blue field.


Avoid folding the piece with the pile inside because, due to the tight knots, the warps may rupture. Thes rugs are highly resistant to wear.

Map Bidjar Iran

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Alessandra Dubois

On surprendra les belles âmes à s’émerveiller devant le site Internet de Mengal Orient ; d’autres à pousser les portes tel un « sésame ouvre-toi » du magasin à Namur. On se perd parmi les mille et une couleurs des tapis ainsi que la disponibilité, la gentillesse et la confiance qui caractérisent l’élan de générosité chez Mengal Orient. Tant l’achat sur place que celui réalisé en ligne via leur site nous transportent dans un autre monde, qui change en fonction de la lumière du jour ou de la nuit, des ombres et des yeux qui l’admirent. Le Certificat d’authenticité arrive en avance par courrier postal, pour mieux anticiper les émotions lors de la livraison du tapis ! N’hésitez pas à venir décorer votre intérieur et apprécier la richesse du cœur et la garantie d’un travail d’artisanat fin, délicat et contrôlé. Peut-être est-ce là la clé du bonheur : un tapis aux mille petits raccords de laine, de coton ou de soie ; une pelote qui met à l’honneur tout le savoir-faire, l’attention et le soin derrière chaque ensemble fini. Venez, vous aussi, vous envoler sur un magnifique tapis et profiter des douceurs et des richesses du Monde. Livraison express et gestion personnalisée pour chaque commande. Frissons garantis ! A très vite (on ne résiste jamais longtemps) ! Alessandra
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