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Bonsoir Madame, bonsoir Monsieur, Le tapis que nous avons acheté chez vous hier va à ravir dans notre intérieur. Nous vous remercions pour la patience, la compétence et la gentillesse que vous nous avez manifestées en votre magasin et avant par courriel. Nous vous souhaitons une belle soirée. N. De Keyzer
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  • Categories :Persian carpets
  • N° Items:66011-65261
  • Country of origin:Iran / Persia
  • Dimension:307x232cm
  • Manufacturing:Hand-knotted
  • Pile:Wool
  • Warp:Cotton
  • Knot density:150-250.000/m²
  • Age:New
  • Delivery within:13 Days
United States : Shipping : 495,00€ Under 13 Days
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Map of Klardasht Iran


Klardasht is of an area of fertile valleys to the northwest of Teheran, close to the Caspian coast. The landscape is made up of soft hills and hardwood forests, and is very different from the more inhospitable landscape in southern Iran. The population is mostly Kurdish. The villages are picturesque; the houses are made of wood and are roughly polished. The roofs are pitched and covered by slate or shingles. Rugs produced in Klardasht are coarsely knotted and have geometrical patterns, often decorated with flowers and birds. The colours used are primarily a dark deep red, and a very strong blue that almost appears black. Few areas of white, green, and yellow are used to enhance parts of the pattern.

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