Maison de confiance : Très bon accueil !! Remise en état et nettoyage de tapis : impeccable !! Choix de tapis.....à l'infini,toutes origines confondues.
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Héréké silk

  • Categories :Prestigious rugs
  • N° Items:63070-61583
  • Country of origin:Turkey
  • Dimension:110x78cm
  • Pile:Natural silk
  • Warp:Natural silk
  • Knot density:± 1.000.000/m²
  • Weight:1,8 kg
  • Thickness:3-4 mm
  • Age:New
  • Delivery within:11 Days
United States : Shipping : 495,00€ Under 11 Days
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Héréké silk

Map Hereke Turkey

Origin: Hereke

Hereke Turkey, small town located along the Sea of Marmara +/- 70km southeast of Istanbul.

A factory of the Sultan was founded in 1843 to build prestigious finely knotted Hereke silk carpets for Osmanic court. This production lasted until the end of the empire in 1922. By 1955, the production of these very fine carpets resumed. Some may exceed 30,000 knots/dm².


There are a variety of designs, most of which are inspired by floral patterns of Persian rugs. These silk carpets are often small, the size prayer rug.

The close-shaven pile is in natural handknotted silk, the warps also in pure silk. Sometimes in some cases gold and silver wires comes in the composition of the decor.


Hereke also produces woolen carpets of very good quality

Currently, a limited number of carpets are produced by artisans Hereke. However, in recent years, most signed Hereke silk carpets sold in Turkey are actually reproductions knotted in China. These carpets copy various Persian and Turkish origins in large quantities in the qualities that meet or exceed the 300 lines (10,000 knots/dm²). Their prices are lower than the original, some unscrupulous merchants "forget" to mention the exact origin of carpets they sell!

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Je dois dire que je suis extrêmement satisfait du service rendu par la maison Mengal, ils sont serviables, motivés, et ont une connaissance et un sérieux professionnel. Des commerçants comme-ça, ça me rend heureux.
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