Prestigious rugs
Prestigious rugs

Prestigious Oriental rugs, elegance and love of tradition

These are works of art created by great artists and knotted by skilled weavers, this kind of carpets demanding many hours of work and great concentration during knotting. The finest and strongest materials are used, such as fine wool selected from the fleece or natural silk from the silkworm. The tying and the number of knots per square decimetre are very important in the creation of highly detailed motifs.

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Bonjour, Mon tapis Gazni rend merveilleusement bien dans ma pièce de séjour. Les tons pastels et lumineux agrandissent et égaient mon espace de vie. Encore merci pour vos bons conseils. Mme Timmermans
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Modern, classic or prestigious, the rug or carpet of your dreams can be found at Mengal Orient, the real oriental carpet.

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