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Repair and restoration of oriental carpets, kilims and tapestries.

The rugs consist of natural and therefore perishable materials, which is why deterioration appears to be inevitable, even in the best maintained carpets. The pile wears, the fringes come off, the edges disappear or get loose. Intervention by our restorers is urgently needed. 

If moreover your rug has sentimental value and you want to keep it as a personal souvenir, entrust your rug to us immediately for any repair performed by enthusiastic professionals.


Restoration of holes and tears caused by wear, moths, dogs, burns, etc. on quotation.

Before restoration of oriental carpet     After restoration of oriental carpet

First a drawing is made of the pattern where the repair has to be performed. This is done with the aid of coloured circles. Each circle represents one knot in the rug. The circle has the colour of the actual knot in the pattern of the carpet. When this drawing is fully completed, the rug is attached to a sort of small table. Finally we set new threads and weaving can begin.


Repair of fringes, making a stop: from € 55 VAT incl. per running metre.

Method 1:

In this method, a small part of the rug is first unravelled and subsequently a stop is knotted against it to prevent further fraying. In this way, new fringes are made. Finally they are cut to the same length. Here you can personally choose how long the fringes of the rug should be. 

Before repair of a stop at the fringes on an oriental carpet     After repair of a stop at the fringes on an oriental carpet

Repair of a stop at the fringes

Before repair at the fringes on an oriental carpet     After repair of the fringes on an oriental carpet

Method 2:

There is also the option of sewing in new fringes. We opt for this method if you want to restore the rug to its original state or if in the first instance there were no fringes on the rug. 

Before restoration of the fringes of a Turkoman carpet     After restoration of the fringes of a Turkoman carpet


Reconstruction of edgings or overcast seams: from € 55 VAT incl. per running metre.

Repair edge oriental carpet

When repairing the side edge of the rug a stop is placed against the old edge to prevent fraying. Then we sew in a new edge.


Removal of fringes and replacement by an overcast seam: from € 55 VAT incl. per running metre.

Removal of fringes on an oriental carpet


Lining the rug with hand-sown cotton canvas, on quotation.

Lining the rug on an oriental carpet


Applying a strengthening band to stop the rug from creasing, on quotation.

strengthening band on an oriental carpet



With this procedure we can shorten the pile and/or remove any sunlight discolouration and return the colour of the rug to its original state. Obviously provided that there is sufficient pile available (it is not currently possible). 

With this technique we can straighten the rug (length or crosswise) or remove creases after water damage or after the rug was exposed to temperature differences combined with moisture. For old rugs too we can apply this technique to remove certain folds. 



Commande bien reçue. Le produit est de qualité, conforme à la commande. Mr Claeys s'est montré disponible et très réactif vis à vis de nos questions et problème pratique, c'est vraiment agréable. Bref, à recommander et à faire connaitre ! Merci encore. Mr Valière, Toulouse
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