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ART DECO 301-4310

  • Categorie:Tapijten met boorden
  • N° Artikel:33847-30377
  • Land van herkomst:Nepal
  • Afmeting:140x70cm
  • Productie:Handgeknoopt
  • Pool:Wol
  • Schering:Katoen
  • Dikte:± 14 mm
  • Leeftijd:Nieuw
  • Geleverd in:11 Dagen
  • Aantal:
Korting -50%:  323€   161
United States : Levering : 495,00€ onder 11 Dagen
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ART DECO 301-4310


Care & Fair - Fair TradeFAIR TRADE

When you purchase this handmade carpet on mengalorient.com, you contribute for education and health for carpet knotting families. Care & Fair is an organization that improves the living conditions of the weavers and their families in the carpets producing regions of Pakistan from India and Nepal. Know more ...




NEPAL : A caracter of plain pastel shades

Tens of thousands of Tibetans in 1959, along with the Dalai Lama, have been driven from their country by the Chinese authorities of the past, led to the neighboring Nepal a new art Art of handknotted carpets. The Nepali carpet perfectly meets the current requirements of a modern European interior. The drawings are indeed created by European designers but the carpet itself is executed in Nepal following the traditions and techniques of the past. The result is a range of timeless beauty with subtle designs and color combinations full of charm.


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