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POEMES 6 - S5593

  • Categorie:Tapijten met boorden
  • N° Artikel:33933-29621
  • Land van herkomst:Nepal
  • Afmeting:240x170cm
  • Productie:Handgeknoopt
  • Pool:Katoen
  • Schering:Katoen
  • Gewicht:25,3 kg
  • Dikte:± 16 mm
  • Leeftijd:Nieuw
  • Geleverd in:11 Dagen
  • Aantal:
Korting -50%:  1918€   959
United States : Levering : 495,00€ onder 11 Dagen

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  • POEMES 6 - S5593
  • POEMES 6 - S5593
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POEMES 6 - S5593


Care & Fair - Fair TradeFAIR TRADE

When you purchase this handmade carpet on mengalorient.com, you contribute for education and health for carpet knotting families. Care & Fair is an organization that improves the living conditions of the weavers and their families in the carpets producing regions of Pakistan from India and Nepal. Know more ...


Map Pakistan

Origin: PAKISTAN Azad, pattern Boukhara, pattern Jaldar, Karachi, Lahore, Pakoti, Peshawar

Pakistan: Officially the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is an independent state since 1947. It is bordered by Iran, Afghanistan, China and India.


These rugs have a thin yarn, soft and shiny. The pattern is sometimes surrounded by silk.

These hand-knotted productions has motifs inspired by Turkmens (Bukhara), Iran floral and Caucasians.

They are baptized in the name of the city where the weavers make rugs. The main cities are: Lahore and Karachi.

Warps and weft are un cotton.

There are all sizes and colors available.

According to workshops:
There are the best (shiny high quality wool).
And the worst (dry wool or mercerized cotton yarn that mimic or imitate brilliant wool or silk ).


It is mainly the quality of the wool and wool density (compaction wool on the loom) which ensures good wear resistance. Not to be confused with the number of knots/dm ² which gives better detail only if it is high. Take the example of a digital photo, the more pixels there are, the more the image is sharp and detailed. But in the rugs, it is not always a guarantee of durability ... Only the quality and density of wool ensures high strength.

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Hello Didier, I just wanted to let you know that the rugs arrived today, and that Mom is really pleased with them. The colour, quality and sizes were all perfect, and I have to say your service was exceptional. So, thank you very much for your help, and if we ever need to buy a rug again, you will be our first choice. Angela Jones
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Modern, klassiek of prestigieus, het tapijt van uw dromen is te vinden bij Mengal Orient, de echte oosterse tapijten.

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