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Hello Didier, I just wanted to let you know that the rugs arrived today, and that Mom is really pleased with them. The colour, quality and sizes were all perfect, and I have to say your service was exceptional. So, thank you very much for your help, and if we ever need to buy a rug again, you will be our first choice. Angela Jones
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Traditionele kelims - Afghan Kelim
  • Afghan Kilim 343x248
  • Afghan Kilim 343x248
  • Afghan Kilim 343x248
  • Afghan Kilim 343x248
  • Afghan Kilim 343x248
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Afghan Kelim

  • Categoriëen :Traditionele kelims
  • N° Artikel:48084-47494
  • Land van herkomst:Afghanistan
  • Afmeting:343x248cm
  • Productie:Handgeweven
  • Pool:Wol
  • Schering:Wol
  • Leeftijd:Nieuw
  • Geleverd in:13 Dagen
United States : Levering : 495,00€ onder 13 Dagen
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Afghan Kelim

Old Afghan Kelim rugs are woven by hand by Turkmens in northern Afghanistan. Kelim is the name of a common Persian weave, but also of the technology used in the production. Kelims are primarily produced by nomads and are pile-less rugs, which are also used for bags, as wall decoration, or as curtains for tents. A natural colour scale with geometrical symbols and octagons is used.

illustration kilim

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